Paul Ohana & David Arnow

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents
Part One: Earliest Times ~ Overview

  1. Project Management: The Creation
  2. Communicating One to One: Adam and Eve
  3. Exceeding Customers’ Expectations: Cain, Abel, and God
  4. Resilience: God, Noah, and the Flood
  5. Overreaching: The Tower of Babel

Part Two: Abraham: Visionary Leadership ~ Overview

  1. Leading Change: Abraham Goes Forth
  2. Social Responsibility: Abraham Welcomes Three Strangers
  3. Negotiation: Sodom and Gomorrah
  4. Peaceful Coexistence: Abimelech and Abraham Make Peace
  5. Hope: The Binding of Isaac
  6. Contracting: The Tomb of the Patriarchs
  7. Recruitment: Finding a Wife for Isaac
  8. Achievement: Abraham’s Prosperity
  9. Being Number One: Abraham the Visionary Leader

Part Three: Joseph the Strategic Leader ~ Overview

  1. Decision Making: Jacob and Esau
  2. Favoritism: Joseph and His Family
  3. Becoming Number Two: Joseph’s Leadership in Egypt
  4. Conflict Resolution: Joseph and His Brothers
  5. Team Building: The Children of Israel

Part Four: Moses the Mission Driven Leader ~ Overview

  1. Gender Equality: Women of the Exodus21. Delegation: Moses at the Burning Bush
  2. Stubbornness: Pharaoh’s Hard Heart and the Plagues
  3. Taking Initiative: Crossing the Red Sea
  4. Listening: Jethro and Moses
  5. Leading Ordinary People: From A Band of Ex-Slaves toward A Holy Nation
    26. Core Principles: The Revelation at Mount Sinai
    27. Leadership Vacuums: The Golden Calf
    28. Community Involvement: Building the Tabernacle
    29. Rumors: Miriam and Aaron Speak Against Moses
    30. Intelligence Gathering: Moses and the Scouts
    31. Crisis Management: Moses and Korah
    32. Gratitude: Moses Prepares the Israelites to Enter the Promised Land
    33. Succession Planning: The Transition from Moses to Joshua
    34. Accepting the Limits: The Death of Moses

Part Five: Parting Wisdom ~ Overview

  1. Managing Natural Resources: Tending the Garden
    36. Meaningful Names: Names and Their Importance
    37. Time Management: The Sabbath and Timeliness
    38. Rituals: The Laws of Leviticus
    39. Empathy: The Laws about the Stranger
    40. Empowerment: Choose Life