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In this age of unprecedented change, business leaders yearn for enduring wisdom and inspiring role models. In LEADERSHIP IN THE BIBLE, management consultant Paul Ohana and psychologist David Arnow provide examples from the business world and contemporary society that illustrate the relevance of biblical stories to the trials we face as 21st-century decision makers. 


Do you feel confused
by the day-to-day magement process?


– What’s the right way to launch a really important project successfully?
– How can you prevent harmful miscommunication?
– What can you do to ensure the loyalty of your customers?
– How can you lead change without being its slave?
– How do you avoid overreaching ambition and still get great results?
– What’s the best way to prepare your number two to take more responsibilities?
– How can you transform your busy time into a happy life?
– How can you achieve extraordinary results from ordinary people?
– What’s essential for managing a crisis and, more important, preventing one?
– How can you succeed while sticking to your core values?

The authors have taken a unique look at the Bible and at our responsibilities as leaders today…. Intriguing because it combines the talents of good research with compelling story telling. Leadership in the Bible will leave you with greater self-confidence about your decisions and with no doubt about the power of your actions.

It’s good that one chapter in Leadership in the Bible is specifically devoted to women in leadership, but it’s even more important that the authors relate to this issue throughout the book. I read it cover to cover – like a novel – which is pretty unusual for a business and leadership book! A really good read.

Larraine Segil, Author of 6 Business Books on Alliances (e.g. Intelligent Business Alliances, Random House),and one novel,” Belonging” (Novel, Penguin Dutton Books)

Ask your father, he will inform you, Your elders, they will tell you…Deuteronomy 32:7.
When Deuteronomy calls us to ask our fathers and our elders, it also invites us to engage in a permanent dialog with the texts in order to help us move forward in our daily lives. Thus, the Bible’s vocation, due to its rich teachings, is to raise doubts and questions and to open up avenues for reflection. It is not only a collection of “tales and legends” of patriarchs and matriarchs. It is our history. That of our ancestors, and ours. The Bible is thus a guide that accompanies us throughout life, in joys as well as in sorrows, in times of action and in hours of introspection. Obviously therefore, the Bible can inform practices in the business world. That is exactly what we find in this book by Paul Ohana and David Arnow, an exceptionally good case-based approach which discovers striking analogies between biblical characters and current situations and illuminates paths we can follow in our business practices, today and tomorrow.

Haïm Korsia
Chief Rabbi of France
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“I saw first-hand how Mother Teresa found inspiration in the Bible, as she lead one of the greatest humanitarian organizations the world has ever seen.  In their insightful book, Paul Ohana and David Arnow show how, like Mother Teresa, every leader can benefit from tried and tested biblical principles.”

—Ruma Bose, Author Mother Teresa, CEO

“Arnow and Ohana have put the Hebrew Bible back in business. Through their insightful and creative readings, they distill a “spiritual business model” for the 21st Century. Leadership in the Bible recasts the classic stories now as quick studies for anyone trying to earn a living while remaining religiously alive. This is a very wise text.” 

—Rabbi Lawrence Kushner is the Emanu-El Scholar at Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco. He is the author of a score of books on spirituality, Judaism and Kabbalah.

“Kudos to Paul Ohana  and David Arnow for their book about the bible and its leadership lessons for business executives. Their insights and wisdom will benefit all of us in management who constantly struggle to properly exercise our obligations to our stakeholders.”

–Larry Zicklin, Clinical Professor at Stern School of Business at New York University and former Chairman of the Board of the investment management firm, Neuberger Berman.

Who would have thought that management consultant and a psychologist/Bible scholar could read the Good Book together and emerge with so many new insights, interpretations, and business applications?! That is exactly what Ohana and Arnow have done. I was skeptical at the outset, but after reading the first episode about the leadership lessons to be learned from the creation of the world, a chapter ingeniously entitled “Getting Off to a Good Start,” I could not put the book down. These two writers “marry” the fields of business know how and Bible scholarship. The result is an eminently readable, highly engaging volume that speaks to people of all faiths, in all walks of life. Not a chore to read but a privilege. It is so refreshingly different and smart.

Professor Judith Hauptman, Professor of Talmud, Jewish Theological Seminary

In a world where there is a vacuum of leadership and misunderstanding, it’s refreshing to find new approaches that are useful in both our personal and professional lives. Enter Paul Ohana and David Arnow, whose book Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today finds modern strategies in the lessons of an ancient text. Ohana, a management consultant, and Arnow, a clinical psychologist, use research from their respective fields to draw fresh and practical conclusions from many of the bible’s most well-known stories. Using text from the Old Testament as a starting point, the authors address many challenges of business, such as: project launches, communication, crisis prevention and management, and the achievement of goals and results.

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David Arnow, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, an investor and a writer with decades of leadership experience in the non-profit sector. He is a scholar of the festival of Passover and the Exodus author of many articles and two books on that subject, including Creating Lively Passover Seders: A Sourcebook of Engaging Tales, Texts & Activities, 2nd Edition (2011), and My People’s Passover Haggadah: Traditional Texts, Modern Commentaries (co-edited with Lawrence A. Hoffman; 2008) and co-author of “How the Story of the Exodus Speaks to Jews, Christians, and Muslims” (www.exodusconversations.org).His latest book, Choosing Hope: The Heritage of Judaism will be published by the Jewish Publication Society in 2022, choosinghope.net. David lives in New York.

Paul Ohana Is a widely recognized management consultant specializing in strategic planning, human resource development, public policy evaluation, and training. He received his master of science degree in engineering from ENS Telecommunications (Paris), and his master in law and economics from Sorbonne (Paris) and he did graduate education in the Management Program for Executives (Pittsburg Graduate School of Business) and in Marketing (Harvard Business School). Paul Ohana has served for many years as a member of the board of governors of Ben-Gurion University, Israel, and general secretary of the French association of the university. He is a member of the Chief Rabbi of France’s Business Ethics Commission. He belongs to an extensive number of American and European institutions and thinktanks in the field of evaluation, management, leadership, and sustainable development. His books written in French, include 100 Keywords of People Management, Total Customer Management, and Successful Consulting (with Olivier Babeau). He lectures and advises top management of large institutions, mainly in deregulated industries, such as energy and telecommunications. Paul lives in Paris.